About us

Based in Perth, Western Australia we are Marine Surveyors providing marine consultancy services to Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel (DCV) owners, and to our customers in the Oil & Gas Industry and General Shipping worldwide.

We are a small company with minimal overhead, and therefore able to provide very competitive quotes for Vessel Owners, Insurance Underwriters, Brokers and Contractors.

Our surveyors are AMSA and OVID accredited with a Class 1 Marine Engineer or Master Mariner back ground.

Our services include:

  • Periodic Surveys( All areas in WA/ NT)

  • SMS Auditing 

  • H&M Surveys

  • P&I Surveys

  • DP Auditing

  • On/Off Hire Surveys

  • Pre-purchase Surveys

  • OVID/ CMID Inspections


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